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The innovation ecosystem comes with years of expertise. It all starts at the bench in academic research institutes – Flanders is home to excellent life sciences research groups, led by experienced internationally recognize principal investigators. 

Intensive and efficient collaborations with industry – often facilitated by the technology transfer departments of the different universities and research centers – resulted in several globally recognized and successful ventures. 

The expertise available at the different biopharmaceutical companies has been a strong driver, and allowed for spin-outs, collaborations and M&A resulting in better solutions for the patients. Flanders’ pipeline for health solution companies is quite impressive:

  • 130 products in the pipeline (SME+big pharma)

  • 46 products in clinical trials

  • 5 products in status of approval

  • 13 products on the market



Belgium as an European leader in clinical trials

Flanders and Wallonia join forces to positioning Belgium as the European leader for phase I and II clinical trials. Belgium has 64 trials in phase I and 128 in phase II. The fast approval of only 2 weeks, is very attractive to organizers of clinical trials. And most importantly, the flawless execution of complex trials is one of the biggest assets.

Number of trials starting per million inhabitants: