Why flanders


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Flanders is embedded in a strong European Life Sciences network, connecting to Wallonia in the south of Belgium, Germany, France and UK with the London – Oxford – Cambridge triangle, as well as Switzerland and Scandinavia.


Within Flanders, 4 cities developed specialized life sciences research parks and offer specialized services and resources.

  • Ghent
  • Leuven
  • Antwerp
  • Hasselt

Flanders is a great place to live

Flanders is hidden hub. Foreign ex-pats working and living in Flanders, feel right at home and praise it’s wining and dining as well as the many cultural and social activities that take place in the many beautiful historical cities and peaceful country side.

Traveling throughout Europe is easy and fast. London is only 1,5 hour away with the high train Eurostar. Paris is even a shorter ride. Geneva and Berlin only take a short flight.