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Smart Financing

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US investors appreciate our biotechnology companies!


Aggreated market value of Belgian public biotechnology companies has grown substantially from 2010 to 2017. The shareholder balance has shifted from European towards US investors, with an substantial increase from US investors: from 25% in 2010 to 47% in 2017.

From idea to product

Flanders has a long standing tradition starting new companies and nurturing ventures towards successful businesses.

Early stage companies have access to private and public financing. Private financing includes pre-seed and early stage capital of both local and international business angels and investors. The Flemish government supports innovative R&D companies and provides a broad portfolio of grants. Early stage companies can receive subsidies amounting up to 80% of the budget.  Flanders has a low startup failure rate, and smart financing is an important asset to help companies bridge financial issues.

Mid stage companies continue to be eligible for government support (max. 80% R&D funding) and a broad range of local and international venture capitalists are keen to invest in the Flanders’ based start-ups supporting sustainable growth.

Late stage companies can build on the global financial network including high-level international venture capitalists. Flanders has seen a long stretch of successful exits - be it an IPO or M&A.

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Favorable Tax incentives

Belgian tax incentives apply in Flanders and can downsize the effective tax rate with almost 25%. Local financial incentives and support for life sciences ventures (notional interest deduction on tax related investments) are the main drivers, but Belgium also has to the lowest European tax-rate on IP-income (Innovative Income Deduction). On top of that, there is a reduction of 80% of withholding tax on R&D employees and an R&D investment deduction.

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