Why flanders


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Flanders is home to high quality managers, scientists and technicians. Continuous education and training – supported by the government – is an import driver of quality and efficiency.

Dedicated courses for the life sciences industry are organized by different partners 

  • FlandersBio focuses on preparing talent to enter the life sciences industry. With the internship program Opinno students can apply for a life sciences internship at biotechnology SMEs

  • VIB and FlandersBio joined forces with Dutch partners - UMC Utrecht and University Utrecht and organize the MBI life sciences and health.  This is a unique ‘on-the-job’ MBA development program, aimed at accelerating the entrepreneurial business growth of young ventures, starting with the initial business plans of the participants

  • VIB organizes a broad range of training programs for life sciences researchers. the courses cover emerging research fields and cutting-edge technologies, bioinformatics, personal and professional development skills.

The well-developed innovation ecosystem attracts international high level scientists and managers, and allows ‘recycling’ entrepreneurs. Flanders proves to be an attractive region for international talent – international schools, easy work permits for white collars are only two of the many attractive elements! 

Flemish people are highly motivated and dedicated workers. They are also multilingual and known to be very efficient; they have one of the highest productivity rates in the world.